SolarBridge AC Module Roadshow Hawaii 2013!

Date: 29-Jan-2013

Event Details

SolarBridge Technologies brings the ACPV revolution to a city near you! Come see the latest AC modules from leading module manufacturers powered by SolarBridge microinverters. When you see how easy AC modules are to install, you’ll never install DC again!

NABCEP certification: 
Four CE credits

ACPV Overview
What is an AC module? What does module integration of the microinverter mean to installers in terms of certifications, permitting, installation and warranties? When is it right to use a microinverter-based solution vs. a string or central inverter?

AC Module Installation Training
How to Install AC Modules in Five Easy Steps
Design parameters, crew requirements, power production benefits, monitoring and more. Highlights include proper bonding and grounding, wire management, NEC considerations, etc.

Installation Hands-On Demo and Bake-off
See how easy it is to install an ACPV system. Win prizes during our hands-on installation bake-off!

Happy Hour

If you have any questions please contact roadshow@solarbridgetech.comor 877-843-8341.

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