DER Docket Update & NEM FAQ

Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Aloha all,


I want to bring you all up to speed on what's happening with "NEM" and grid supply/self supply right now.  There has been a lot of confusion with the forms available online, and this is what I know so far.  I've used a question and answer format for ease of use.


1.  I've been using the NEM application all week.  Does that mean that I've managed to enroll more customers in the old NEM program?


No. Although the old NEM forms have been available, and have, in fact, been the only forms available since the Commission's D & O came out last week, applications that have been submitted since the cut off date on the old NEM application will be considered to be part of the new program.


The utility told me that applicants that have missed the deadline but who submit an application on the old form will receive a letter from the utility which states that the application was received, but the applicant must resubmit under the grid supply option or self supply option or choose to withdraw the application.


2.  If I have to resubmit under the grid supply or self supply programs, will I also lose my place in the interconnection queue?


No.  So long as you respond to the letter from the utility within the time required, you will not lose your place in line.  This is especially important as the queue is likely to fill up quickly given the capacity limits that have been placed on the program.


3.  What day really is the cut off date for grandfathering NEM?


The cut off date is unclear.  The D & O says that the decision is effective as of the date of the order which is October 12, 2015.  However, that is a bank holiday and no application could have been postmarked on that day.  The date for the service of process is a day later, and then we have the confusion with the ongoing availability of the NEM application.  We're asking for clarification from the Commission and will let you know as soon as we have an answer.


4.  What forms do I use now?


The grid supply and self supply application is now available online for use as of today. 


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