HECO Net Energy Metering Changes

Posted on Tuesday, October 08, 2013

While many of you have likely already heard, we wanted to make sure our members were aware of the latest processing changes HECO announced for Net Energy Metering Agreements submitted on circuits with high saturation levels.

Previously, the NEM team at HECO used a percentage of the circuit capacity to determine whether interconnection could proceed without an interconnection requirements study (IRS) or upgrades to the circuit.  To prevent surplus generation on any particular circuit, daytime minimum load (DML) will instead be considered--that is, the lowest load usage on record for a particular circuit.

For all possible installations up to 10 kW, an original, signed NEM agreement and single line diagram must be submitted before executing a contract.  A permit number and installation date is not required on this preliminary NEM submission.

  • Projects to be installed on circuits under 75% of DML should get a letter to proceed within two weeks.
  • Projects to be installed on circuits over 75% of DML may require a circuit upgrade.  To allow for technical review, a response should be received within 5 weeks.
  • Projects to be installed on circuits at or over 100% of DML may require a circuit upgrade AND an IRS.  A response may take up to 150 days to be received.
  • The costs of circuit upgrades will be prorated and divided based on future installations, and passed on to the end user.  There will be no cost to the end user for interconnection studies. 

Links to locational value maps to check daytime minimum load can be found on the bottom of the page at the following link:


We encourage you to download and read a copy of the announcement from Hawaiian Electric Company dated September 6, 2013 for details on these changes at:



Trust that your industry leaders at the Hawaii Solar Energy Association are working feverishly with both the utility and legislators to ensure our mutual business interests are fairly represented and considered in this process.  Please download and read the announcement from Rick Reed, HSEA Policy Advisor, which reflects this important work:


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