Last Chance to Help Rooftop Solar

Posted on Friday, April 25, 2014

After months of work meeting with stakeholders including the utility, the PUC, the consumer advocate, the Sierra Club, HSEA, and PV coalition, and coming to consensus on a draft for grid modernization that we could all support--there is a last minute effort to wreck the legislation by Senator Baker by taking out any reference to "societal benefits" of solar energy--which would include environmental to economic benefits.  This would tie the hands of the PUC and distinguish Hawaii as a state that doesn't recognize the societal benefits of renewable energy.  How can you help?  You could call the following conference committee chairs:


Senator Gabbard  586-6830

Representative Lee  586-9450

Senator Baker  586-6070


And express your support for the draft agreed upon by the advisory group.  Senator Gabbard could especially use your support, as he is in a tight situation with his co-chair Senator Baker. 

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