Non-Export PV Plus Storage System FAQ

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1.  Do you need to file a NEM application for a non-export PV plus storage system?

Yes.  As per Rule 14H, you must file a NEM application for all PV installations (including those with storage), whether or not the system is connected in parallel with the electrical system.  In addition, just like a “vanilla” NEM (plain PV without storage or any other potential grid enhancements), you must wait for utility approval of the NEM application before you install. A system that is installed and activated without approval would be considered a rogue system. 

2. Has the utility drafted the technical requirements for non-export systems?

No.  There are still no official technical requirements for non-export systems under the NEM program.  We have been pushing for fast-tracked requirements since last year under the 14H Docket (2014-0130).  The PUC then rolled this docket into the DER docket.  The briefs have been submitted on the DER and we are expecting the results very soon.  The hope is that the Commission will provide the fast-track rules for non-export systems in their ruling.

3.  Is it true that the utility has already approved NEM systems with battery back-up?

Yes. However, our understanding is that systems that have been approved with battery back-up were standard NEM systems.  To install a standard PV system which exports under NEM and has battery back-up, the customer must submit a NEM application and wait for approval.

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