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Posted on Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Although HSEA does not usually endorse individual candidates, I want to bring to your attention a race that is getting going in Kailua.  Representative Thielen has always been a strong supporter of renewables--especially roof top solar, and you can always count on her to ask the hard questions at hearings.  She's also the vice-chair of the Energy and Environmental Protection Committee in the House, which is the first stop for any energy bill. 


Rep. Thielen voted her conscience during the interim session on marriage equality, and now she is being challenged by a local church.  Given the small number of republicans in her district, she could lose the primary.  This would be a real shame as her contender would not have a chance in the general, and we would lose a powerful voice for energy and the environment in the house.  This message only applies to those living in the 50th district.  If you can do anything to help get Rep. Thielen to the general election, please do.  She will keep the topic of energy at the forefront.  Below is the letter Rep. Thielen sent to me:


Dear Leslie,


A Kailua pastor announced she is running against me in the Republican primary.  Usually only about one thousand people vote on the Republican side of the primary ballot.  I am reaching out to friends, colleagues and people who share my strong support for renewable energy.  I need their help in gathering names of people in Kailua who will support me by voting on the Republican side of the primary ballot on August 9th . You don’t need to declare your party affiliation at the polls, as both Democrat and Republican races are printed on the Primary election ballot.  You simply select the one you want to vote in and mark that section.   I hope some members of Hawaii Solar Energy Association or their family members and friends live in the 50th District (Kailua/Kaneohe Bay) and will help me win this primary race.  I also am asking for contributions to the Friends of Cynthia Thielen.  Donations should be mailed to P.O. Box 996, Kailua, HI 96734. 




(Rep. Cynthia Thielen)

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