About the HSEA

Founded in 1977, the Hawaii Solar Energy Association is a Non-Profit organization and is comprised of installers, distributors, manufacturers, auditors, and financiers of solar water heating and photovoltaic systems.  The majority of our member companies are locally owned and operated, making HSEA the leading voice of Hawaii’s solar industry.

In support of Hawaii's Energy Independence initiative, the HSEA works directly with utilities, government agencies and legislators to create green jobs for Hawaii's economy and renewable energy sector.

HSEA’s primary objectives are:

  1. To further solar energy and related arts, sciences and technologies with concern for the ecological, social and economic fabric of the area
  2. To encourage the widespread utilization of solar equipment as a means of lowering the cost of energy to the American public, to help stabilize our economy, to develop independence from fossil fuel and thereby reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.
  3. To establish, foster and advance the usefulness of the members, and their various products and services related to the economic applications of the conversion of solar energy for various useful purposes.
  4. To cooperate in, and contribute toward, the enhancement of widespread understanding of the various applications of solar energy conversion in order to increase their usefulness to society.