HSEA Mission

  1. To further solar energy and related arts, sciences and technologies with concern for the ecologic, social and economic fabric of the area. This shall be accomplished through exchange of ideas and information by means of meetings, publications and information centers. The Association shall serve to inform the public, institutional and governmental bodies and seek to raise the level of public awareness of its purpose.
  2. To encourage the widespread utilization of solar equipment as a means of lowering the cost of energy to the American public, to help stabilize our economy, develop independence from fossil fuel, and to generally strengthen the free enterprise system.
  3. To establish, foster and advance the usefulness of the members, and their various products and services related to the economic applications of the conversion of solar energy for various useful purposes.
  4. To cooperate in, and contribute toward, the enhancement of widespread understanding of the various applications of solar energy conversion in order to increase their usefulness to society.
  5. To collect and disseminate trade statistics and other useful information; to carry on and assist in research, investigations, experiments, conferences and publication in connection with the said trade; to advance any objectives or purposes of this organization.
  6. To voluntarily extend aid or assistance, financial or otherwise, and to cooperate with such private or governmental bodies, corporation, associations, institutions, societies, agencies or persons as are now or my hereafter be engaged in whole or in part in furtherance of the objectives and purposes herein named.
  7. To accelerate local development and marketing of solar energy conversion systems.
  8. To establish and monitor standards of equipment performance, reliability and quality, together with industry standards of technology and measurements.
  9. To gather and tabulate statistical and market data.
  10. To disseminate to members timely reports of developments in the industry and government.
  11. To stimulate continuing education for industry personnel.
  12. To encourage high standards of performance, reliability and ethics.
  13. To recognize achievement in the industry.
  14. To promote, encourage and advocate the formulation, adoption and establishment of such customs of business as will be just, equitable and honorable between parties.
  15. To, in every way, manner and form, promote and encourage by the establishment of a strong and sympathetic bond of fellowship among the members thereof, thereby securing unity of action and effort in the accomplishment of a common purpose.
  16. To secure and aid in the correction and reformation of any wrongs affecting the general interests of the solar association.