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Whether you are a solar energy manufacturer, distributor, contactor, installer, developer, consultant, or in any other industry impacted by the Hawaii solar energy market, HSEA membership will provide you with critical information, advocacy, education and networking opportunities that will grow your business and ensure the long-term success of Hawaii’s solar industry.

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(Under 100 Employees)
Wholesale Distributor / Retail Vendor Financier Contractor Associate
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$ 2,500

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Membership Categories


Manufacturers, Financial Institutions, Utility Companies, DSM Implementation Companies, Builders, Developers, System Integrators.

Wholesale Distributor or Retail Vendor

Entities engaged in marketing and sales of solar energy and related equipment.


Solar, plumbing, and electrical contractors holding a valid and active contractor’s license issued by the State of Hawaii.


Architects, Engineers, Design Professionals, Consultants.